Fossil Free Hebden Bridge

Fossil Free Hebden Bridge


Fossil Free campaigners hit the streets of Hebden Bridge this Saturday 17th September  dressed as cleaners demanding that the West Yorkshire Pension Fund drops its investments in fossil fuels and goes ‘Fossil Free’.

Collecting signatures in Hebden BridgeThe campaigners, who come from across West Yorkshire including Hebden Bridge, are wanting to ‘clean up’ the WYPF (which is paid into by the 5 West Yorkshire councils, including Calderdale), calling on the fund to stop investing in dirty fossil fuels.

Chayley Collis from the Fossil Free WYPF campaign said:

Clean up the WYPF“Divesting from fossil fuels is a powerful way to take action on climate change.  We had a very positive response from passers by in Hebden Bridge and collected over 100 signatures for the Fossil Free WYPF petition.  The West Yorkshire Pension Fund has over £671 million invested in fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. Not only do fossil fuels cause climate change, they are an increasingly risky investment too. As countries start to make commitments to fight climate change, fossil fuel reserves risk becoming ‘unburnable’ stranded assets and pension money could be lost. WYPF pensions and our communities are at risk unless action is taken to divest from dirty energy”.

Fossil Free WYPF are encouraging local residents to support their campaign by signing an online email for members and petition for residents:

Clean up the West Yorkshire Pension Fund

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