Fossil Free WYPF

The Fossil Free West Yorkshire  campaign is calling for the West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF) to divest from fossil fuel investments. The campaign has support from a wide range of local residents, WYPF members and  organisations across the region. Please join us!


Report on WYPF review of fossil fuel investments – download briefing paper

Research undertaken by the Carbon Tracker Initiative,  has found that there are already five times more fossil fuel reserves than can be burnt if internationally agreed carbon emissions targets are to be met. In other words, up to 80% of known fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to prevent catastrophic temperature rises. Our futures depend on investing in clean not dirty energy and we believe that it does not makes good financial or ethical sense for our pension fund to be investing in companies which are trying to extract even more unburnable oil, coal and gas.

Over the next few months we will taking action in a variety of ways to ask the WYPF to review its fossil fuel investments.
Carbon bubble


Find out more about the ‘Carbon Bubble’ here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_bubble

Our list of supporters is growing all the time. Find out how you can take action to help West Yorkshire go #FossilFree.