Fossil Free WYPF supporters include:


West Yorkshire MPs

West Yorkshire Councillors


  • Hawarun Hussain, Councillor for Shipley (Green)
  • Martin Love, Councillor for Shipley (Green)
  • Kevin Warnes, Councillor for Shipley (Green)


  • Karen Allison, Councillor for Newsome (Green)
  • Andrew Cooper, Councilor for Newsome (Green)
  • Charles Greaves, Councillor for Holme Valley North (Independent)
  • Edgar Holroyd-Doveton, Councillor for Home Valley North (Independent)
  • Terry Lyons, Councillor for Holme Valley North (Independent)
  • Julie Stewart-Turner,  Councillor for Newsome (Green)

Organisations & faith groups


Is your MP, councillor or organisation on the list?

Please meet up with or email them asking them to support the Fossil Free West Yorkshire  campaign. They can sign up to register their support using the form below:

I/ we support the Fossil Free West Yorkshire Pension Fund campaign




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