Fossil Free West Yorkshire is asking all candidates standing in the May 2018 local elections for Bradford Council to sign up to the Fossil Free pledge below.

“As is well known, burning fossil fuels is causing climate change, and to keep to the internationally agreed target of 2 degrees of warming most known reserves of coal, oil and gas will need to remain underground. The companies that are still looking for new reserves represent risky investments. Bradford council administers the Local Government Pension Scheme which currently invests over £933 million in fossil fuels.

This money could be better invested locally in socially relevant schemes and infrastructure such as housing, energy efficiency or renewable energy. West Yorkshire Pension Fund has acknowledged the risks to the Fund associated with climate change, and expressed its intention to reduce its carbon exposure. I favour an end to West Yorkshire Pension Fund investing in the financially unsound companies that are driving climate change.”



Andrew Stanford – Green: “The biggest challenge facing renewable fuels in the battle against climate change is the lack of funding, so with nearly £1bn in the West Yorkshire Pension Fund invested in fossil fuels, actively contributing to climate change, I wholeheartedly agree that this money should be divested by Bradford Council.”


Rachael Drucquer – Green: “I am pleased to support the Fossil Free West Yorkshire Pension Funds pledge. By campaigning for investment in renewable energy whilst simultaneously divesting in fossil fuels we can help safeguard our environment and invest in schemes which are more financially viable.”

Bingley Rural

Bolton & Undercliffe

Bowling & Barkerend

Bradford Moor

Phil Worsnop – Green : We need to make a clear statement about the impact of fossil fuel production and use has on the future of our planet and consequently humanity. This is a problem of here and now not just something that has to be addressed in the future.”


Nazam Azam – Labour

Clayton & Fairweather Green



Sarah Dick – Green : “Given the overwhelming evidence of the damage that fossil fuels do to our environment and the existence of viable alternatives, going fossil free is a no-brainer. Thanks for all your work FFWYPF!”

Great Horton


Celia Hickson – Green : “I totally support the Fossil Free West Yorkshire campaign, as this divestment is well overdue. Signatories to this pledge need to maintain their stance once in City Hall.”

Nussrat Mohammed – Labour


Idle & Thackley

Chris Hayden  – Labour


Ros Brown – Green Party: “I am keen to pledge my support for the WYPF to divest from investment in fossil fuels. This is a sound decision environmentally and financially with the potential to bring  many positive outcomes.”

Aidan Higgins – Labour : “I am happy to support the work of Fossil Free West Yorkshire. It is clear that Climate Change is the largest challenge we face today. I want Bradford to be at the forefront making positive changes and investing in new and exciting clean technologies.”

Keighley Central

Keighley East

Keighley West

Little Horton


Bruce Barnes – Green : “Having campaigned in the past to get the West Yorkshire Pension Fund to disinvest from the arms trade any further pressure to make the Pension Fund genuinely ethical is most welcome.”


Eithne Dodwell – Green : “I fully support Fossil Free West Yorkshire’s campaign. Climate change is the greatest challenge currently facing humanity, but is alarmingly absent from mainstream political discussions, before, during, after and between elections. This is a real scandal. Only the Green Party is taking it seriously.”



Hawarun Hussain – Green “Having being involved with the campaign of Fossil Free West Yorkshire Pension Fund. I am happy to support this campaign further. As a member of Bradford Council (which hosts the WY Pension Fund). I can totally appreciate that we need to make the decision and make it now to protect both the environment for our future and the future of the planet. But we also need to protect the pension fund from any possible collapse in the financial market that so much based on fossil fuel.'”

Vick Jenkins  – Labour:  “I am very pleased to support the local campaigners from FossilFree West Yorkshire Pension Fund. It is increasingly clear that investments in fossil fuel companies are incompatible with the UK’s commitments to limit global temperatures to “well below” 2C.”   

Thornton & Allerton

Richard Dunbar – Labour “I acknowledge the existential threat posed by climate change and this is why I am signing the fossil free pledge. We need to do everything we can to protect our planet and a key way in which we can do this is to stop our economy being overly dependent on fossil fuels. We need to collectively do more to move towards cleaner and renewable energy. Divesting away from fossil fuel companies not only makes environmental sense but it also makes economic sense a stated by the Governor of the Bank of England. The bottom line is that if we are to protect our planet for future generations then we need to take decisive action and divest now.

Norma Russell – Green




Windhill & Wrose

Worth Valley


Darren Parkinson – Green : “I fully support Fossil Free West Yorkshire Pension Funds campaign. Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet and its people. Divesting from fossil fuel companies is one of many actions that we need to take to stop the climate crisis.”


If you are a candidate in the Bradford Council local elections and support Fossil Free West Yorkshire’s campaign for a Fossil Free West Yorkshire Pension Fund, please fill in the form below and we will add you to the list of supporters above.

If you live in Bradford and the candidates standing in your ward are not listed as supporters above, please send them a link to this page, asking them to sign the Fossil Free Pledge.